25 Years of ABADA-Capoeira

“It was 1988, when my father felt it necessary to take steps to strengthen the art form of Capoeira. I was young, but I remember….it was right after he left the “Grupo Senzala,” and created “Capoeirart.” Around this time he already had students throughout Rio de Janeiro, and other states.

As his work grew, the need for an association also grew, due in large part to my father’s concern that other capoeiristas continue with capoeira, and not have the same difficulties in participating in the artfom, as he did when he first arrived in Rio.

It needed to be something that gave capoeiristas support and “security.” That “association,” needed a strong name, whose abbreviated letters would represent the principles and objectives that my father wanted to achieve with that association. And so, one day, there, at the “Association,” I was practicing. I was about 8 or 10 at the time, when I commented to my father, “Dad, I thought of ‘ABADÁ:’ ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE APOIO E DESENVOLVIMENTO DA ARTE CAPOEIRA.” He thought for a second, scratched his head, and exclaimed, “that’s our name, I like it!!” We could have never imagined then that this would be the largest Capoeira group in the world, and that it would have the respect and recognition that

ABADÁ -Capoeira has around the world, today.

All of this moves me so much. It was a dream that my father had that became a reality; through his blood and sweat…He deserves this, and much more”.

Tatiana Lopes Cardoso