The Festival

In 2013, The Brazilian Association for the Support and Development of the Art ofCapoeira (ABADÁ–Capoeira) completes its 25th year. Founded by Mestre Camisa (Jose Tadeu Carneiro Cardoso), in 1988, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, today ABADÁ–Capoeira has affiliates in over 50 countries, on five continents, and in every state of Brazil.

Between August 19th and August 25th, ABADÁ–Capoeira will be commemorating its Silver Anniversary, with the largest capoeira event of 2013.

It will be seven days of capoeira, workshops, performances, arts, and more.

This year’s campaign will focus on the various arts found within the art of Capoeira, with a show designed by the capoeiristas themselves, demonstrating particular aspects of capoeira like the ginga, the game, the fight, music, acrobatics, singing, poetry, and the roda. The collection of these arts, together, is Capoeira.

The CEMB (Mestre Bimba Educational Center), and the Fundição Progresso, in Lapa, will host this year’s events. Among the activities are lectures, workshops, musical and cultural shows, Eco-walks, book releases, video and CD releases, graduations and the World Games themselves. Events will also include the now traditional “Aulão” (large class), lead by Mestre Camisa himself.

We look forward to participation of all ABADÁ–Capoeira members at this historic event!