A Show of Arts

With the stamp of approval from the “poli-artist” Mestre Camisa, ABADA’s Capoeiristas will demonstrate all the arts encompassed within capoeira, in a way never before seen by the public.

As Mestre Camisa always said, “The art of Capoeira is an art form that encompasses various other arts,” and this year we will demonstrate the richness of our art form.

Aside from the show there will be an instruments presentation, with a focus on the richness of artisan and workmanship within capoeira, and demonstrating the various possibilities making the instruments used daily by a capoeirista.

It will be a tribute to the Art of Capoeira!

The arts presented during the show:
1. Artisanal
2. Rhythm
3. Song and poetry
4. Fight
5. Acrobatics
6. Game
7. Ginga/ Dance
8. The art of Capoeira