IX World Games 2013

ABADÁ-Capoeira will be holding the IX World Games 2013 classification stage at the CEMB (Mestre Bimba Educational Center – Cachoeiras de Macacu), and the Semi-Finals and Finals at the Fundição Progresso (Rua dos Arcos, 24 – Lapa)

Over 200 competitors, both foreign and local, are expected to participate.

This year, we are also presenting the first edition of the World Female GamesParticipation from the European, Japanese, Israeli, North American and PanAmerican championships have been confirmed.

The categories are as follows:
Category C: Blue and Blue Green
Category B: Green and Green Purple
Category A: Purple, Brown and Red
Category B: (Feminine): Blue to Green Purple
Category A: (Feminine): Purple to Brown to Red

Competitors, please read carefully the information on rules and regulations presented here on this site. Also, please do not forget to register for the competition, and be mindful of necessary documentation.