Releases and Fair

During the 2013 International Festival, ABADÁ-Capoeira will be launching CDs and books produced by members of ABADÁ-Capoeira. Please, if you have a product you wish to launch during the Festival please email details and inquiries to: Please include an image and a brief description of the product so that we can promote it via the website.

The Fair
With the objective of organizing and increasing the quality of our art form, whether it be the game itself, the clothes and uniforms, or instruments, this year’s games will have a Crafts and Products Fair so that ABADÁ members can purchase ABADÁ-Capoeira specific clothing, gear, instruments and other products.

Important Information:
-All products will be inspected by the Organizing Committee.
-Those interested must contact the Organizing Committee:
( in order to schedule an inspection of potential products to be included during the fair.

-Only ABADA-Capoeira licensed products will be sold.
-Sellers must pay a fee to participate during the Fair. (Price to be determined.)

-Products with the following images will not be allowed:
-Mestre Camisa
-Grao Mestre Camisa Roxa
-The 25h Anniversary of ABADA-Capoeira